Benefits of Massage

Regular massage work is part of a well rounded, healthy lifestyle. Much like diet and exercise, it is important to incorporate into your regular routine. Massage increases circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, which keeps both the heart and muscles fresh and healthy while bringing lubrication to muscle fibers and joints. This overall increase in flow affects how energy is able to move throughout your body, keeping it functioning at peak performance. (Think happily cruising in your car versus being stuck in frustrating traffic.)

Massage lowers your blood pressure, and decreases the production of stress hormones. Soft tissue manipulation also activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which balances your body from the usual “fight or flight” state. This is the stress and anxiety reduction we so desperately need from everyday life. Results can include better sleep, increased concentration and focus, better muscle control, and even a release of chronic muscle tension.

Traditional massage work combined with deep tissue focus and stretching exercises help to relieve chronic aches and pains by breaking down adhesions or scar tissue and realigning overworked muscles. More focused work also assists with muscle performance and recovery, increased joint mobility and flexibility, and decreases chance of injury.


A traditional style of massage that incorporates gentle gliding and kneading strokes in order to calm the body and relax the mind. Benefits include an increase in circulation, lowering blood pressure, muscle tension relief, and mental de-stressing.

Deep Tissue and Active Release

Using a combination of firmer and more targeted techniques to access deeper layers of muscle tissue, this work focuses on relief of chronic pain, stress, or loss of motion. Light stretches and movement exercises are also incorporated to encourage muscle mobility.

Sports and Thai Stretching

Dynamic techniques intended for general maintenance or rehabilitation of highly active muscles. Includes techniques to loosen up the body and flush metabolic waste, and active stretches to keep muscles long and flexible to train at their peek performance.


A nurturing and supportive session for both new Mommies and child. Focuses on relief of joint pain and helps maintain alignment and comfort during Mom’s transitioning body.

Rates and Booking Information

My studio space is at Prana Prenatal Yoga in Portchester. Specializing in prenatal work, but all clients welcome! Available Sundays and Tuesdays. Use the purple button to book online!

Mobile, in home visits also available. I will bring my table and supplies. You provide a clean, quiet space for us to work. Please send a text or email to book. Available Wednesday through Saturday by appointment only.

Bodywork is customized and can be combined for your needs. Every session begins with an intake conversation where we can work out what you need worked out.

Accepting payments by cash, credit/debit card, or Venmo.

Gift cards available! eGift Cards can be purchased via the green button. Physical plastic cards also available for purchase in person or contact me for one mailed to you or your loved one!

60 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $150

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Kim Mai Tran is a NYS licensed massage therapist. Her approach to bodywork focuses on breathing and stretching techniques to bring the body to a calm and peaceful place. After years of training in yoga and martial arts, she fell in love with the science behind the body and the capabilities of the human spirit. She continued this study by pursuing a career in massage therapy. Kim Mai is a graduate of SUNY Purchase 2009 and Fingerlakes School of Massage 2012.